Random Money Saving Hacks: Grocery Edition

This is the start of a new series that will include money saving hacks for various different categories. These will be shorter posts than the usual, but hopefully just as helpful! Feel free to leave comments with any questions or feedback you may have 🙂

Today’s money saving hacks will all be related to groceries.. because what’s better than food?

  1. Plan your meals for the week around what’s on sale
    For the longest time I was one of those people who would decide what to make for dinner that morning or even that same night. I would waste a ton of food, make way too many unnecessary grocery trips and I was stressed all the time. So by planning ahead you’re saving money, eliminating stress and minimizing trips to the store! Scour the circulars or websites for the best deals.
  2. Buy things you use often in bulk when they are on sale
    If there are certain things you know you use often that won’t go bad, try to stock up when there’s a good sale on those items.
  3. Utilize grocery delivery services
    For me, the fees paid for grocery delivery are insignificant compared to the savings and convenience. I personally find grocery circulars to be a bit overwhelming, but websites are much easier to navigate due to the ability to filter and search using specific descriptions, thereby making it easier to find the best sales and deals.
  4. Buy generic when possible
    The generic brand is oftentimes less expensive, unless, of course, there is a good sale on the brand name.
  5. Choose the less expensive brand, despite what you’re used to
    When I think generic, I think store brand. What I’m suggesting here is to buy whatever brand is either on sale or just less expensive than the more well-known brand you typically go for.
  6. Get a credit card that offers grocery rewards
    There are many different cards that offer cash back on groceries and since groceries are a category you’ll likely be shopping more often than others, I highly suggest opening a card offering cash back incentives for groceries.
  7. Compare price per weight
    Many times the price per weight is cheaper when you buy the bigger size. However, sometimes buying multiple of a smaller size can be cheaper than buying one of the large size of an item. Do the math quickly in your head to decide which size to purchase.
  8. Shop at warehouse clubs
    As mentioned above, buying in bulk can save you money and that is exactly what warehouse clubs (BJ’s, Costco, Sam’s Club, etc.) are meant for. Oftentimes warehouse clubs require a membership of some sort, but the savings should more than cover the membership fee. Some examples of things we buy from our local warehouse club: paper towels, toilet paper, coffee, napkins and soap. You can never have too many of these essentials!

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  1. Great post. This goes along with point 6, but look through some of the offers your credit card company has. As part of it’s Support Small Business program, American Express is offering up to $50 dollars in statement credits when you shop at small business grocery stores. Chase also expanded some of its rewards program which allowed certain chase card holders to use their annual travel credit towards grocery purchases!

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