How Being Pregnant Has Saved Me Money

Even since before I was pregnant, I was always worried about how expensive having a baby would be. While I know there are plenty of expenses to come once the baby is actually here, I have been pleasantly surprised by how much money we’ve been able to save with me being pregnant. Me being pregnant has allowed us to put money towards projects we have been putting off, such as a new fence, California Closets installation, new window, re-framing pictures, a new fan and a new couch, all while saving the same amount we usually do. You may be wondering how exactly that is. Here is how pregnancy has saved me money.

Going Out to Eat Less

My first trimester I didn’t have a great relationship with food. I would get nauseous pretty easily and nothing really tasted all that great to me. So, rather than wasting money by going out to eat and having me not enjoy my meal or be able to eat much of it, we had a lot more meals at home. Now that I’m deep into my second trimester, we still have not been going out to eat nearly as often as usual. There are just so many things that pregnant women have to be careful about eating (meat can’t be undercooked, no raw fish, nothing high in mercury, no runny eggs, no unpasteurized or soft cheeses, etc.). Going out to eat is more difficult while pregnant because at home I have complete control over all ingredients and how things are cooked.

I’m sure many people reading this may not think that’s that big of a deal, but for my husband and I it is. Going out to restaurants is one of our favorite things to do and we typically do it fairly often.

No Alcohol

Obviously, everyone knows that pregnant women cannot consume alcohol. But what I didn’t realize is how much money we were spending on alcohol beforehand. Alcohol typically makes up a large portion of our bill when going out to eat. Not necessarily because we’re drinking a lot, but just the price of a specialty cocktail or a nice bottle of wine adds up pretty quickly. Additionally, we have not bought any alcohol for the house since before the holidays because we got lots of wine and champagne as gifts and since only one of us can enjoy it for the moment, our supply will last us quite a while.

Less Vacationing

My husband and I tend to go on one big vacation a year. This year with the baby on its way, we’re skipping out on that. We are hoping to make a couple trips to LBI, NJ where the family has a beach house because the only costs we have are the gas to get there and food while we’re there. We are also going on a babymoon, but we opted for something that is driving distance and reasonably priced. We’re going to southern Maine for 3 days. Again, I know for some this doesn’t sound like a big deal, but last year we went on an almost 3-week vacation to Australia and Hawaii, so you can see the cost savings comparatively right there.

Buying Less Clothes

I absolutely love fashion, so I tend to buy new clothes fairly frequently. Being pregnant has changed that for me. I prefer things that are comfortable now. Additionally, I hate the idea of spending money on clothes that I can only wear temporarily. Maternity clothes can be pretty expensive and I hate the idea of spending that money on something that I can only wear a handful of times at most. Instead, I have bought a few staple maternity pieces (leggings and tanks) and some loose-fitting dresses in my regular size. Aside for the few purchases I have made, which have mostly been purchased with gift cards from Christmas, I have been wearing some items of clothing I have that are “bump-friendly.” I also have been fortunate enough to have received some maternity clothing hand me downs from a friend.

Working from Home

I was sick a couple times this winter which forced me to work from home to get some rest since there are limited medications you can take while pregnant. My husband also works from home on the days of my doctor appointments so he can come along since his work commute is long. Although this isn’t anything like once a week, it has seemed to happen a couple times a month, which saves us money because we don’t need a dog walker for the days either of us are home.

Less Shopping

Overall, since being pregnant we have done a lot less shopping for ourselves. With the baby on the way, she has become our priority. I easily talk myself out of a new pair of shoes, getting my nails done, new home décor, etc. I am much more conscious of my purchases and spending habits as I know these will HAVE to shift once the baby arrives.


While everything above may make it sound like all we’ve done is save money since I became pregnant, that’s obviously not completely the case. As I mentioned above, we are in the process of completing some projects around the home that we have been putting off. However, in addition to those projects, we are also turning our guest bedroom into the nursery which comes with expenses, as well. We have a baby registry that includes several necessities for the baby, but until the baby shower comes, we don’t know what from that list we will need to buy ourselves. So, while we have been able to save money in various areas, we have been putting out on various expenses and will have to do so as her arrival nears.


For my parents/parents-to-be, did you find yourself saving more or spending more before the baby’s arrival?

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