November 2020 Dividend Income

Welcome to the second monthly dividend income update for YourAverageDough. For more in-depth stock analysis, check out my articles on Seeking Alpha. Along with the few stock analysis articles I post on there, I also post quarterly updates about my daughter’s portfolio.

Please be sure to review the disclosure at the bottom of these articles. I do NOT give stock advice, but rather share what our stock portfolios include, the income we are generating from them and my opinions. It is important for you to do your own research and make your own decisions regarding your investments.

For some background information, the income is generated from 5 different accounts managed between my husband and I (one of which we have designated as an account for our daughter, but is held in our name). These accounts are both IRAs and regular brokerage accounts. What is NOT included in these updates is any employer-sponsored retirement plans. Those are all managed separately. We currently DRIP; in other words, all of our dividends are reinvested in the stocks we received them from. Our investments are generally held long-term and the money in these accounts is not going to be used any time soon.

In November 2020 our total dividend income was *drum roll* $545.97. November was a much lower month than October. We received dividends from 12 different stocks this month. Our top 3 dividend generators for November were Omega Healthcare Investors (OHI), Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMY) and AbbVie Inc. (ABBV). These three stocks alone made up a little over 50% of our dividend income for the month. Below is a screenshot of the income received from all 12 stocks from November 1st to November 31st 2020.

 One thing I failed to mention in my October dividend update article is that AbbVie issued a 10.2% increase from $1.18 per share up to $1.30 per share that is payable February 16th. So, while that increase was not reflected in the November dividend received from them, it is good news going forward!

Again, as this is still a new series, I would love feedback regarding any additional information you would like to see in these and I am always happy to answer questions you may have. I hope you enjoyed this update. Happy investing 😊

Disclosure: This article expresses my own opinions. I am not receiving compensation for it. I have no business relationship with any company whose stock is mentioned in this article. Please do your own proper due diligence on any stock directly or indirectly mentioned in this article. This article should be considered general information and not relied on as a formal investment recommendation.

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  1. Hi Courtney, interesting to see your dividend breakdown. Have you stopped blogging since then? Don’t see any recent update. Would be great to see how your collected dividends compare month by month. I started allocating money to my All-Weather Dividend Portfolio in May 2020, and have been DCAing for the past two years. My portfolio is now about 500k USD, and I plan to bring it up to 1 Mio in the next 1-2 years. Hope you keep at it! Cheers from Singapore, Noah

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