Monthly Goals Update: August

I can’t believe it’s August already! I don’t know if everyone else feels the same, but time is flying lately! I posted my July goals post in mid-July and the middle of the month is a rough time to start working on goals. July was an incredible month. I spent the first 11 days in Italy and then just this past weekend I celebrated my first wedding anniversary in Newport, Rhode Island with my husband. While I had an amazing time, being away makes working on the blog and working on my goals a little more difficult. Here is the progress for the goals I set for July and my new goals for the month of August.

July Blog Goals

  • Reach 3,000 pageviews for the month
    • My total pageviews for the month of July were 2,705. I ended 295 short of my goal for July, but higher than my June monthly pageviews of 2,518. I’m still using Jetpack for the time being to track my pageviews, even though I know Google Analytics is better because it offers more detailed analytics and the numbers are supposedly more accurate.
  • Reach 1,000 followers on Twitter
    • I exceeded this goal- yay! I ended July with 1,109 followers on twitter. This is exciting for me because Twitter is where most of my traffic comes from since I currently feel like I only have time to try to master one social media platform at a time right now.
  • Send 1 email per week
    • Unfortunately, I did not send an email in the first 2 weeks of July because I was away, but I did send 3 emails in the month of July. I obviously knew when I posted my July goals that I hadn’t sent an emails in the first 2 weeks at the time, but I wanted to set the goal to get myself on track for the rest of the month.
  • 1 guest post per month
    • I had an awesome guest post by Jamie Griffin. As someone who was fortunate enough to come out of college with no student loan debt, I felt like I was doing my readers a disservice by not being able to offer them advice or stories on how to pay off their student loan debt. Sure, I can think of ways to do so, but I wanted my readers to hear from someone with experience. Luckily, I connected with Jamie and he offered to do the guest post for me. If you haven’t checked it out his post, please do, especially if you’re finding yourself having a hard time paying off your own student loans. Click here to see how Jamie and his wife paid of $73k in 4 years!

July Financial Goals

  • Start the zero day challenge
    • I had 8 zero days for the month of July. Being in Italy with my in-laws helped a lot because they covered our cost for food and hotel, so our only spending was any shopping we did. I determined my zero days by looking at our credit card spending and just seeing what days we didn’t charge anything since we put almost everything on our cards (gotta accumulate those points!).
  • Invest in an ETF
    • I did not finish my signup for Stash this month, unfortunately. With everything we’ve had going on, it’s hard to manage multiple investment accounts, especially if I haven’t really officially created this one yet.
  • Keep our groceries under $500 for July
    • Our groceries were $575 for the month of July. So a little detail behind our budgeting: we manage our budget by reviewing our most recent credit card statement for each month. Our credit card statements, however, run from mid-month to mid-month, rather than from the 1st to the 30th/31st. This makes it a little inaccurate for monthly reporting in situations like this. That being said, we still are struggling with keeping our grocery costs low.
  • Find at least one stock to invest in
    • I invested in Starbucks! They were down after reporting weaker than expected revenues for their third quarter. We bought Starbucks for $54.85 on Friday, July 28th. As of the time of writing this post (August 2nd) Starbucks is at $55.43.

August Goals

Blog Goals

  • Reach 3,000 pageviews for the month (attempt #2)
  • Reach 1,500 followers on Twitter
  • Send 1 email per week
  • 1 guest post per month on Your Average Dough

Financial Goals

  • Invest in an ETF
  • Keep our groceries under $500
  • Move $250 into Investment Account (non-retirement)

Would anyone care to share their goals for the month, financial or non-financial?

13 thoughts on “Monthly Goals Update: August

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  1. Hello! I like your goals! I think aiming for 1000 page views is a little far off for me so I’m going to take a punt at 10. 😬
    I’m going to aim to keep the grocery bill below £400:$525 by making some frugal dinners and saving portions as left-overs.

    1. My husband eats a lot, which makes the leftover thing difficult for us! lol. But it’s a slow progression for all, so I’m sure you’ll hit the 1,000 mark at some point!!

  2. Nice on the Starbucks buy. Their smells sometimes brings me in when I’m strolling in the mall 🙂
    I see the stock has been slipping a bit over the past few months. Was that a big reason for the purchase? Did you use any other factors?

    1. The fact that it was down definitely was a factor in the timing of the purchase, but they have room for growth in places like China and Italy.

      I also think they’ve got such a great niche market and that will add to their continued strength!

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