Personal Goals for July

I decided to start a series of monthly goals and updates each month. Since this is my first post of the series, I have no updates to give just yet. I am aware that we are already halfway through July; however, I set these goals as of June 30th and haven’t gotten around to sharing them with all of you. I want to share my goals with everyone to keep myself accountable and because I aim to be as open, honest and transparent with this blog as is possible. That’s just the vision I have for myself and my blog.

I originally thought of doing this as a post solely about my blog goals, but I think also showing my financial goals will be interesting. My hope, besides keeping myself accountable, is that this will serve as inspiration to everyone who reads my posts. Whether my goals inspire you to set your own or maybe some things I am doing will make you want to do the same!

Blog Goals

Reach 3,000 pageviews for the month

Reach 1,000 followers on Twitter

Send 1 email per week

1 guest post per month

Financial Goals

Start the zero day challenge

Invest in an ETF

Keep our groceries under $500 for July

Find at least one stock to invest in

Since I have no comparisons to share for my blog goals, I will just elaborate a little bit more on my financial goals for the month.

The Zero Day Challenge is something that my blogger friend David from ZeroDayFinance informed me of. The goal is to have as many “zero” days, also known as no spend days, as possible each month. While David goes into much further detail with his monitoring, my goal is to simply take note of the days where I spend nothing as I start out. To read more about the challenge and how to participate, check out his blog post here.

I wrote about this investing app called Stash a few weeks ago. Stash is a super user-friendly and engaging app used to invest in ETFs. They put a fun spin on it, so if you haven’t checked them out, you should. I have set up an account, but I have not yet invested in anything on there. My goal this month is to do just that. I do not have much experience with investing in ETFs, so I am trying to expand my horizons here.

I’m aware that my goal about keeping my groceries under $500 for the month probably sounds absolutely insane to most people, especially because in my home it’s just my husband and I. However, we have been really struggling with keeping our grocery bills low or cutting it at all. It’s something we are really focused on now because we don’t understand how, as just two people, we spend this much on groceries every month. This month we should be fine, since we are away for just shy of two weeks, but time will tell and I will update you in August on how we do!

We have a separate account solely for investments that my husband manages. While he manages it, I provide feedback and share any ideas I have, as well. We have some leftover uninvested money from our IPO investment returns that we are trying to find a home for. We don’t want to rush and put the money into just any old stock(s), so we are taking our time to strategically choose our investments. I’d like to find at least one new stock to invest in this month.

Something you won’t see on these monthly updates is our typical monthly occurrences. My husband and I always review our budget together every single month. We contribute to our vacation savings account every single month. We contribute to our IRA accounts every single month (although my husband has fully funded his for the year and mine will be done by this fall). We contribute to our “personal escrow account” every month for our annual and semi-annual bills. Since these things already occur every single month, they have become habits or routine and are no longer goals to us.

That’s all for this post. Short and sweet (for once)!

Would anyone care to share their goals for the month, financial or non-financial?

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  1. Hmmmm…I really like the idea of tracking your zero spending days. it can become a bit like a game where you try to keep the streak going as long as possible. I think I’ll start doing that myself!

    1. David recommended checking your credit card bills (if you use your credit card instead of cash) and counting your zero days that way! Definitely makes it easier.

  2. Zero day one is definitely unique and could have a fantastic impact. I look forward to reading which stock you pick by the way and the selection process for it. Great overall goals and all the best!

  3. Thanks for the mention, Courtney! Super excited that you’re going to take the challenge! I have a spreadsheet that will help you track zero days if you’re interested. You can get it from my mailing list, or just message me on Twitter and I’ll send you a copy.

    Also great goals, I really enjoy investing in ETFs over Mutual Funds because I get to choose exactly when to buy them, instead of waiting until the end of the day and having to deal with NAV.

    1. Thanks David! I’m going to see how this first month goes. I do need to sign up for your newsletter though. I didn’t even realize there was one!!

  4. Money Tree Man & I have been doing the Zero day challenge! It’s been really good and makes you think twice about the little purchases.

    We have also been documenting our workouts on the calendar. Definitely feel more accountable to our readers.

    Good luck and I hope you reach your 3000 page views!!

  5. That’s awesome I definitely want to try doing some zero day spending. I feel like we spend a little bit on something everyday. So it will be nice to see how many days I can actually go without spending money. Thanks for sharing your goals and good luck.

    1. Yes same here!

      I don’t particularly feel like we are overspending, but same as you- spending a little on something every single day! It will be nice to try to have even a few no-spend days.

  6. OMG, I have a goals post brewing, too! I saw so many others doing one, so I felt left out, haha.

    Awesome you are starting the zero day challenge! I considered it myself but only for a short period. Also, I’m glad I’m not the only one who struggles with reducing the grocery bill! My husband does most of the cooking so I don’t monitor the grocery bills as much as I should.

    Curious – How is the Stash app different from investing manually through Vanguard or Fidelity?

    1. Haha can’t wait to read your goals!!

      I’ll keep you posted on how the zero day challenge goes for me. I told David that this month will be a trial month for me. It’s hard because my husband and I have everything joint so he has to be on board then too!

      There’s no difference from an investment standpoint between the selection of ETFs on Stash versus anywhere, but it’s just kind of a fun, easy-to-use app. It aligns ETFs with things people ar einterested in or care about. For example, you can choose an ETF with a focus on “saving the environment” or “shopping.” It offers cool names and makes it a little more appealing.

      I’m really using Stash to keep it separate from my retirement accounts because I want it to be my sort-of “fun money.”

  7. I’m a big fan of setting goals, as in pretty much everything in my life has a specific goal defined (not specifically written but at least in my mind), and I like it this way. So good luck on your upcoming goals Courtney!
    I also love the zero day challenge from David, I might give it a try soon 🙂

  8. Love this post. We have started a lot of mini challenges to help us but I am enjoying reading everyone’s goal posts!

    I will be interested in hearing about your adventure into ETF investing. Also interested in your thoughts on Stash overall after using It for a while.

    Good luck reaching all of your goals! Can’t wait to read about all the successes next month!

    1. Thanks so much!!

      I love reading everyone else’s goals too. I feel like it’s nice to use it as a way to measure where you’re at and see if you are setting appropriate goals for yourself.

      I will definitely keep you posted!

  9. I like the idea of a Zero days! Maybe just tracking at first then seeing if I can bring it down. it can be hard; I have to fill up my gas tank every 2.5 days, but maybe it will motivate me to not get that little cup of coffee when I can make it at home, etc. Not browse Amazon, either!

    500 for groceries does sound crazy to me, you’re right. My budget for the two of us down here is 250. Sometimes I do well, and am under, sometimes I am a bit over; I think it balances out. Do you have Aldi by you? That’s been quite the moneysaver for us!

    1. Gas is also the hardest part for me! I’m not as bad as every 2.5 days but generally twice a week give or take a little.

      We don’t have Aldi unfortunately! I think a lot of it comes down to poor planning of meals or just the cost of fresh produce. I’m not the biggest fan of canned or frozen vegetables and that’s a big chunk of our cost unfortunately.

  10. Howdy, Courtney!

    I didn’t see travel to Italy on your goals. 😀

    Great info, for sure. I’d like to visit with you about your plans to achieve your Blog goals, as I’d like to ramp up Money is not Taboo.

    I like your financial goals. We have numerous Zero Spending days, as there’s many a day that we never leave the property, nor do any online buying.

    Our grocery bill is one that I’d like to look over. I think we’re tossing money by letting some stuff go to waste. Been just two of us for 11 years now, but we still over cook or buy too much in the way of fresh produce.

    I’m with you on finding some additional avenues to invest in. We’ve now got income coming in from a rental and it’s just sitting in a savings account. I’d like to direct some into something that has growth potential.

    Any way. Another great post. Thanks for sharing!

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