3 Tips to Save on Auto Insurance

Besides your house, what is one of the most expensive things you own? For many people it’s their car. Unfortunately, unlike your home, cars will depreciate in value over the years (unless you have a classic car or a rare car of some sort, then those may appreciate in value over the years). The more... Continue Reading →

Can You Afford to Own a Pet?

One of my best friends just got a puppy and, as a dog lover, I am BEYOND excited for her! Since we got our dog a little over two years ago, her and I have been having a lot of discussions comparing our experiences thus far and one thing that has come up a few... Continue Reading →

How Marriage Impacted Our Finances

This weekend my husband and I will be celebrating one year of marriage (officially July 30th). It is CRAZY to me how fast this past year has gone by. While it has been an amazing one, I just can’t believe our wedding was a year ago already! I figured our one year anniversary was a... Continue Reading →

The One Word That Can Save You Money

You’re probably wondering how a WORD can save you money, right? It sounds funny, but it really is that simple. Just say no (and follow up in action) and you will see your savings increase over time! Let me elaborate. In order to say “no” to save money, you have to turn your choices into questions.... Continue Reading →

Why I Bought a Luxury Vehicle

Being a blogger means a lot of people knowing some personal things about you and, naturally, forming opinions on those things. Sometimes I worry about judgement I’ll receive for certain lifestyle choices I make if I put the information out there. However, I like the idea of being very transparent with my readers. I don’t... Continue Reading →

The Cost of Insecurities

Between magazines, television and social media, it’s almost impossible to be completely confident in the way you look (let alone some other aspects of your life). At the moment I’ve got two Cosmopolitan magazines right next to me and just glancing at the covers is enough to make people feel insecure: photoshopped women posing sexy... Continue Reading →

Can Money Buy Happiness?

Can money buy happiness? It’s an age-old question. More often than not you hear “money can’t buy happiness.” But does anyone really know that to be true? Typically the example given is an old man who works so much he never had time to spend with his family or friends, so he ends up alone... Continue Reading →

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