Random Money Saving Hacks: Grocery Edition

This is the start of a new series that will include money saving hacks for various different categories. These will be shorter posts than the usual, but hopefully just as helpful! Feel free to leave comments with any questions or feedback you may have 🙂 Today's money saving hacks will all be related to groceries..... Continue Reading →

What To Do with Your Stimulus Check

Stimulus checks have begun getting delivered and if you are fortunate enough to be on the receiving end you may be wondering, what should I do with my stimulus check funds? I’m here to share a few ideas with you! First let me start by explaining what this stimulus check is. The stimulus check, also... Continue Reading →

Financial Checklist for New Parents

Adding a baby to your family is overwhelming in many ways. You’re excited; you’re terrified; you’re anxious; you’re happy; you’re sad; you’re stressed. But the good news is you can tackle some of these feelings by planning ahead of time. One of the big stressors of bringing a child into your family is the financial... Continue Reading →

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