How Marriage Impacted Our Finances

This weekend my husband and I will be celebrating one year of marriage (officially July 30th). It is CRAZY to me how fast this past year has gone by. While it has been an amazing one, I just can’t believe our wedding was a year ago already! I figured our one year anniversary was a... Continue Reading →

Can the Market Get It Wrong?

Investing in the market today can be tough, especially if you are trying to build a portfolio of individual stocks. With the US stock market at an all-time high, many people are starting to question the strength of the rally and when it will run out of steam. Now before we get too far into... Continue Reading →

4 Reasons You Should Take a Vacation

Since it is officially summer now (my favorite season) I wanted to write an article about one of my favorite things, vacation! As many of you may already know I truly love vacationing. It’s one of the things that my husband and I will consistently splurge on. Small trips or big trips; domestic or international;... Continue Reading →

Your Basic Guide to Retirement

Being a millennial, I realize that retirement sounds like a foreign, future concept to most people my age. Retirement? I’m only in my 20s/30s; I’ve got at least 30-40 more years of working left before I can retire. Why would I worry about that now? I want to use my money to enjoy my life... Continue Reading →

An Easy Way to Invest in ETFs

As I’ve been reading through other personal finance blogs, I have noticed something that keeps popping up on many of them: ETFs. While I know what ETFs are, I have never actually invested in one. If you have read my prior blog posts, my husband and I typically invest in individual companies rather than picking... Continue Reading →

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