4 Investing Tips For Beginners

For many people, especially millennials, investing is a scary word. Millennials watched their parents, friends and relatives struggle through the most recent financial crisis of 2008-2009, where investment values were nearly cut in half. Many individuals lost their jobs and a significant portion of their retirement savings as stocks, bonds, mutual funds and 401K values... Continue Reading →

Guest Post: How to Beat Passive Dividend Investing

Today's guest post is by a fellow blogger friend of mine, Troy @ MarketHistory.org. Troy's blog discusses his thoughts on investing, the stock market, and controversial personal finance issues. He runs a privately held investment firm, so he's got some great insight! It is true that dividend investing beats index investing (i.e. tying yourself to a... Continue Reading →

How to Use Mutual Banks to Increase Your Returns

With the market at an all-time high, attractive investment choices with promising returns are getting difficult to find, especially for the average, non-accredited investor. This article is dedicated to an uncommon and relatively unknown investment class; mutual bank conversions. So what is a mutual conversion, and how does the process work? A mutual bank or... Continue Reading →

The Power of Compounding

Many people underestimate the power of compounding. What is compounding, and why is it so beneficial? I’m sure most of you have seen those financial adviser commercials that ask individuals when they started saving and if they think they have enough money for retirement. Those commercials are focused on the power of compounding. Compounding, in... Continue Reading →

What to Know Before You Invest

Many people believe that you need thousands of dollars to invest. This is simply not true. You can invest with as little as a few dollars if you really wanted to. Ideally, I would suggest waiting until you have more than that, though. Before investing, there are a few things to consider. First, I would... Continue Reading →

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