4 Reasons You Should Take a Vacation

Since it is officially summer now (my favorite season) I wanted to write an article about one of my favorite things, vacation! As many of you may already know I truly love vacationing. It’s one of the things that my husband and I will consistently splurge on. Small trips or big trips; domestic or international;... Continue Reading →

Your Basic Guide to Retirement

Being a millennial, I realize that retirement sounds like a foreign, future concept to most people my age. Retirement? I’m only in my 20s/30s; I’ve got at least 30-40 more years of working left before I can retire. Why would I worry about that now? I want to use my money to enjoy my life... Continue Reading →

How Do You Differentiate Yourself?

This weekend as I was doing my usual skimming through various personal finance blogs on the internet a thought popped into my head: “How do I differentiate my blog from the others? How can I make my blog stand out?” Those simple questions brought me back to my graduate school days where I learned about... Continue Reading →

The Cost of Insecurities

Between magazines, television and social media, it’s almost impossible to be completely confident in the way you look (let alone some other aspects of your life). At the moment I’ve got two Cosmopolitan magazines right next to me and just glancing at the covers is enough to make people feel insecure: photoshopped women posing sexy... Continue Reading →

An Easy Way to Invest in ETFs

As I’ve been reading through other personal finance blogs, I have noticed something that keeps popping up on many of them: ETFs. While I know what ETFs are, I have never actually invested in one. If you have read my prior blog posts, my husband and I typically invest in individual companies rather than picking... Continue Reading →

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