Can Money Buy Happiness?

Can money buy happiness? It’s an age-old question. More often than not you hear “money can’t buy happiness.” But does anyone really know that to be true? Typically the example given is an old man who works so much he never had time to spend with his family or friends, so he ends up alone... Continue Reading →

Your Average Dough’s Summer Reading List

This post contains affiliate links. I may receive compensation if you click on links within this post. All opinions are my own. See my Disclaimer page for more. With Memorial Day weekend right around the corner (how is that possible already!?), I have created a short summer reading list. The list below contains books covering... Continue Reading →

6 Behaviors That Will Make You Go Broke

This is basically a 'how to' post except normally 'how to' articles are written in the positive rather than the negative. I thought I would change things up a bit and share with you ways that people go broke, which in turn means these are things you should most likely avoid doing. Don’t worry; you... Continue Reading →

3 Ways to Invest in Real Estate

Last week I posted about homeownership and I am continuing the real estate theme, but this time with a different twist. My husband and I went to go look at a condo this weekend. Not for us (as many of you may already know we own a home), but for a close family member who... Continue Reading →

Tips for the First Time Homebuyer

With interest rates on the rise many of you may be wondering, “Should I take the leap from renting and purchase a house?” Owning a home certainly has its pros and cons. My husband and I have owned our home for just under 4 years now and we have certainly had our ups and downs... Continue Reading →

How to Have a Debt Free Wedding

Marriage is a hot topic for millennials. We all know someone who is getting married, whether it be yourself, a family member, a good friend, a coworker, we all know someone going through the process. If you’re like me, you may be wondering how in the world everyone can afford to even have a wedding.... Continue Reading →

Is It Okay To Splurge?

There is a common misconception that that being frugal means being cheap. This is not necessarily the case. Per Merriam-Webster, frugal is “characterized by or reflecting economy in the use of resources.” In other words, frugality is using your money efficiently or, simply put, making smart decisions with your money. I am here to tell... Continue Reading →

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