Pay Yourself First

For most people accounting is just plain boring. The thought of sitting behind a desk all day looking at numbers on a screen makes some people sick. There is a small fraction of the population that actually enjoys accounting (FYI- I’m an accountant, in case you haven’t read my About Me section =P). What the... Continue Reading →

7 Side Jobs to Make You More Money

This post contains affiliate links. Please see the disclaimer page for more detail. Whether you have a full-time or part-time job, or maybe you’re currently not working at all, sometimes you may find yourself strapped for cash or you just have a never-ending desire to make more money. Whatever the case may be, there are... Continue Reading →

Last Minute Tax Advice

Tis the dreaded season of taxes. Hopefully many of you have already filed your taxes for 2016, but I have a feeling some, if not most of you, have not. Since my husband and I are both practicing CPAs, I wanted to share a few tax tips for the average person. Before getting into the... Continue Reading →

How to Use Mutual Banks to Increase Your Returns

With the market at an all-time high, attractive investment choices with promising returns are getting difficult to find, especially for the average, non-accredited investor. This article is dedicated to an uncommon and relatively unknown investment class; mutual bank conversions. So what is a mutual conversion, and how does the process work? A mutual bank or... Continue Reading →

5 Ways to Save Money With Minimal Effort

There are obviously countless ways to save money; however, sometimes we want to save money without making drastic changes to our lifestyle. I’ve rounded up a few ideas that can do just that for you. 1) Buy generic There are so many things that people buy solely because of the brand name when the generic... Continue Reading →

The Power of Compounding

Many people underestimate the power of compounding. What is compounding, and why is it so beneficial? I’m sure most of you have seen those financial adviser commercials that ask individuals when they started saving and if they think they have enough money for retirement. Those commercials are focused on the power of compounding. Compounding, in... Continue Reading →

What to Know Before You Invest

Many people believe that you need thousands of dollars to invest. This is simply not true. You can invest with as little as a few dollars if you really wanted to. Ideally, I would suggest waiting until you have more than that, though. Before investing, there are a few things to consider. First, I would... Continue Reading →

How to Build Your Credit

If you want to purchase a house or a car, or get approved for a loan, you will need to make sure you have established good credit. The main decision-making driver for credit grantors is your credit history. The biggest factor in determining whether credit is good or bad is an individual’s credit score. However,... Continue Reading →

5 Ways to Save on Groceries

As mentioned previously, when my husband and I first started budgeting, we noticed we were overspending on several things. One area that we were spending an excessive amount of money on was food. We were truly appalled and set a goal to cut our food spending in half. We updated our budget to reflect our... Continue Reading →

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